I spent the summer of 2020 making a collection of pieces inspired by the first four albums of Las Vegas' The Killers. With a sound ranging from New Order to Bruce Springsteen, their style is ever-evolving. But Brandon Flowers' heartfelt lyrics of desert days under the Southwest sun and the neon-lit nights of Vegas have always persisted. Against the backdrop of cacti-filled gambling halls in outerspace, he sings about the heart of a girl confessing her dreams to the stars; the despair of a lonely traveler longing for his partner; the fragility of everything we experience as flesh and bone. Available as a print, with select works available on shirts.

Close-up of the print

Brandon Flowers' exclamation at their first live show

Joyride [Day & Age]

"Neon Tiger" [Day & Age]

"When You Were Young" [Sam's Town] - Based on the bride in the music video


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