Sweetwater Energy is a biofuels company in Rochester, NY, with plants around the world that that deconstruct plant material to turn into products that would otherwise be made with fossil fuels. 
This project involved a complete brand and website revamp. A new logo was created, using a river to split a leaf into four colors to represent the different materials Sweetwater's patented technology retrieves from plant materials.​​​​​​​
An entire brand and catalog of assets was created following the logo, including illustrations, icons, and photography. In addition to art direction, I was also responsible for the development and migration of the website.
Work Done: Branding, Custom Illustration, Web Design, Web Development, Presentation Decks
Much of the jargon and information is highly scientific and detailed, so it was a unique challenge to make it both educational and engaging for the target audience of potential customers and investors. The custom illustrations tell the story of Sweetwater and its importance, along with a color palette built to help the website stand out amongst a myriad of stock image-using biofuel and oil companies.
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