Boneheaded bird-brain.
Howdy, I'm Erikas Chesonis, or you can call me Erik. I'm an illustrator and designer living in Austin by way of the frigid tundra of western New York, where I graduated with a marketing degree from Ithaca College, used the Internet to learn how to draw on a computer, and now try to art my way through life.
I work primarily digitally, creating vector artwork that aims to simplify the shapes and colors of the world around us, and hopefully get a smirk out of the viewer along the way. I've been lucky enough to work with companies like Apple and HP to smaller start-ups, publications, and everything in between. I currently work at Siege Media, creating infographics and other digital assets for companies to use to expand their reach – but am available for freelance projects or commissions to help clients tell their unique stories through illustration.
When I'm not designing for clients, I'm likely doodling some fan art of my latest game/show/comics binge, or taking my lovely duck-tolling retriever partner-in-crime, Sammy, out for a walk to smell the wildflowers and chase the birds (to help identify them, of course). 
Digital Illustration  |  Branding & Logo Design  |  Web Design  | Infographics & Layout
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